Holy Ascension
Orthodox Christian Church
Norman, OK
2017-18 Adult Classes

Classes meet on Wednesdays (as listed below), 7-8:30pm,

and are taught by Fr Jeremy (unless otherwise indicated).

Open the the public! Nursery provided.

Sacrifice in the Bible    April 26 - May 17, 2017

Western Christian traditions often interpret Old Testament sacrifice as an act of violence that transfers guilt and punishment from human beings to their animal victims.   They then interpret the Cross as the ultimate transferal of all guilt and punishment to Christ. Yet the actual text of Scripture undermines this interpretation. Moreover, the cultural context of ancient sacrifice suggests a very different understanding, more consistent with Orthodoxy: sacrifice as a symbolic friend-making gift to God.

April 26 • Correcting the Misconceptions: Sacrifice wasn’t Scary

May 3 • The Sacrificial System of the Old Testament

May 10 • Three Key Sacrificial Types

May 17 • Christ, the Ultimate Reconciling Gift


Evidence for an Elusive God   June 14-28, 2017

Taught by David Bukenhofer — Often, when we read about or discuss evidence for God's existence, God is treated like a natural object - something to be discovered out in the world, like one would discover gold or an endangered species. But God is not a natural object like these, and so our investigation into God's existence should reflect this. This class will emphasize that God has purposes for each of our lives, and that overlooking purposes and other personal qualities of God will be unhelpful in our search for evidence for God in a cognitively responsible way. 

June 14 • A Fresh Look at Divine Hiddenness

June 21 • The Evidence of God’s Existence

June 28 • Questioning Natural Theology and Fideism


The Sacraments   August 9 - September 6, 2017

The Sacraments are Mysteries that reveal the hidden reality of God; they are Sacrifices that invite His work into our lives. Through them God lovingly condescends to make the things of this world spiritually healing.

August 9 • Sacraments as Mystery and Sacrifice

August 16 • The Eucharist 

August 23 • Sacraments of Initiation: Baptism & Chrismation

August 30 • Sacraments of Healing: Confession & Unction

September 6 • Sacraments of Vocation: Marriage, Monasticism & Ordination


The Creed   September 20 - November 15, 2017

The Nicene Creed summarizes Orthodox Christian beliefs concisely, comprehensively and beautifully. We will learn the basic tenets of our Faith by studying the Nicene Creed in depth, line by line.

September 20 • “I believe in one God…” 

(No class on September 27)

October 4 • The Father and the Son

October 11 • The Incarnation of the Son

October 18 • The Hypostatic Union: Jesus Christ is 1 person in 2 natures

October 25 • Christ’s Crucifixion and How it Saves Us

November 1 • Christ’s Resurrection and Ascension

November 8 • The Holy Spirit and the Church

November 15 • Christ’s Second Coming and Eternal Kingdom


Praxis: The Practice of Orthodoxy November 29 - December 20, 2017

Christian faith is not merely an intellectual exercise. Right living is an inseparable companion to right belief. This will be a practical, "how-to" course on many aspects of Orthodox Christian living. 

November 29 • Prayer

December 6 • Fasting

December 13 • Serving Others through Works of Mercy

December 20 • Reading the Scriptures


Liturgy & Worship    January 3 - February 7, 2018

Liturgy and ritual do not come as naturally to us as they did to ancient Christians. Yet we are drawn to their solemnity, stability and depth. We will learn the basic principles and structure of Orthodox Liturgy, and how to get the most out of participating in them.

January 3 • The Mysteries of the Church Calendar

(No class on January 10)

January 17 • The Daily Cycle of Services; Vespers

January 24 • Orthros

January 31 • The Divine Liturgy

February 7 • Participation in Liturgical Prayer