Holy Ascension
Orthodox Christian Church
Norman, OK
Descriptions of Services

The ancient and enduring liturgy of the Orthodox Church provides a rhythm of communal prayer. It brings us together and teaches us how to pray.

Brief descriptions of our main services are provided below. Though visitors are welcome at any of our services, we especially encourage them to first attend Saturday vespers, which they might find more accessible.

Our schedule of services can be found here. You can find advice on participating in our services here.

Vespers is the service of prayers at sunset, when we give thanks for the blessings of the past day and pray for God's care through the night. It is composed of psalms, hymns and prayers. Incense is offered to God as a symbol of our desire to honor Him with the sweetness of a faithful life.

"Now that we have come to the setting of the sun and behold the light of evening, we praise
God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit." - From the hymn "O Gladsome Light" (3rd Century)

Orthros (or Matins) is the service of prayers at sunrise, upon rising from sleep. As the light dawns, we honor Christ as the Sun of Righteousness who brings spiritual light to mankind. Very similar in composition to Vespers, the service comprises psalms, hymns, prayers, and the offering of incense.

"Glory to Thee Who has shown us the light! Glory be to God in the highest, and on
earth peace, goodwill among men." - From the Great Doxology (3rd Century)

The Divine Liturgy is our main service, in which we gather to hear the proclamation of the gospel and to receive Christ's Body and Blood in Holy Communion. It draws us together as the Body of Christ, so that we can draw near to God with prayers for ourselves and the whole world.

"Thine own of Thine own we offer unto Thee, in
behalf of all and for all."
- From the Holy Anaphora